Roatua: Last Voyage of the Valkyrie

I’m working on the sequel to ECLIPSE OF THE HEART. Really, I am.

And it was going along just fine and then this had to happen. A story that’s been simmering in the back of my mind for a long time popped up like that creature exploding out of the guy’s chest in ALIEN, and demanded to be written, R.F.N

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. So I hammered out a screenplay. Took about three weeks to get a decent complete draft, good enough that I can send it around and get some feedback for the next re-write. That done, I can focus on SPARTACUS JONES AND THE FILM NOIR COWBOY again.

In ROATUA: LAST VOYAGE OF THE VALKYRIE, when his sailboat goes down in a freak squall, Robert Holman, a swashbuckling anthropology professor, is stranded on a mysterious, uncharted, unknown island. He spends a month with the natives there — but he’s only missing for seven days.  It’s a Twilight Zone-ish tale with a twist here and a turn there, and an ending that’s open enough to interpretation so it can fuel a few arguments. There are parts of the story that are too long, too, violent or too sexually off-beat for a movie script, but would work fine for a novel, so I may wind up writing that one up. With the screenplay done, at least I have a really good outline.

What do you think?



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