First Draft


fnccoverdraft2 copyTook some time away from writing this, just to let it simmer. Dabbled with a few other projects. Wrote some music. Stared out the window, watching Autumn take over.

Went back to work on it Monday morning for the first round of editing, and today I have a nearly completed first draft. I expect to have it done next week.

That means I’m going to be looking for a few good readers. So if you liked¬† ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, maybe you’d like to have an advance look at the sequel? In return, when it goes to press, I’ll give you a signed copy — and a shout out in the “acknowledgements,” of course.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done it, I’d love it if you put a little “review” up on You don’t have to butter me up.¬† Just call it like you see it.

That’s what I do.







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