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Adam Adrian Crown is a novelist, songwriter, screenwriter, martial artist, teacher, composer and horseman.

A musician since his teens, he is an accomplished guitarist and singer, having written and performed hundreds of songs. He currently records as “Spartacus Jones” and his CD “Many Ponies” is available here.

A lifelong martial artist, Adam has a Fencing Master Diploma from Maitre Jean-Jacques Gillet’s American Fencing Academy, and the rank of godan (5th degree black belt) from the American Martial Arts Foundation. He teaches “applied behavioral hoplology,” which encompasses a broad array of subjects including classical and historical swordsmanship, boxing, and self-defense. He is the author of Classical Fencing: The Martial Art of Incurable Romantics.

Adam is an out-spoken advocate of “renegade” or “sustainable horsemanship,” i.e., without the use of bits, spurs, whips or coercive training methods).

Originally from Chicago, Adam now lives in Ithaca, New York, where he is a self-described “misanthropic recluse.” He has a B.S. degree in Cinema Studies, and an M.S. in Communication, both from Ithaca College.

Among his favorite authors are Robert Heinlein, Margaret Atwood, Andrew Vacchs. John Grisham, Lawrence Sanders, Raphael Sabatini, Rod Serling, and Richard S. Prather. At the top of his list of favorite films are El Cid, Casablanca, Double Indemnity, Billy Jack, The Battleship Potempkin and The 9th Configuration.

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